The POWER of print.

We’ve recently experienced an awakening that has made us realize that we need to get back to basics.  Back when photography was about photographs.  Back to the good old days when we used to spend hours going through our famiy’s memories pasted on dozens of photo albums or tightly stacked into archival photo boxes that were jam packed with memories of our parents, grand parents even great grandparents.
In this age of technology, we are all too dependent on our hard drives, lap tops, iPhones, or even that mysterious invisible cloud that claims to keep all our memories safe.  Suddenly we realized that our family heirlooms are being built on quicksand.  At any given moment,  countless memories could be destroyed or lost forever.  The cloud may crash, a thief rummaging through your valuables will have his eyes set on all your electronic devices, unknowingly taking the most valuable of all possessions; your family’s past.
Our love for photography comes deeply rooted from our parents passion to preserve our ancestors history.  We marvel looking at old photographs and finding where our unique features come from.  Who had straight or curly hair, dimples, thick eyebrows, brown eyes, thick lips etc?
Here are some of our most treasured possessions,  photos counting back up to three generations.  Without these photographs, we would have no idea what our family tree looked like.
Karen & Giselle

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